The annual cost of living for 2020-2021 (two rental semesters, standard full meal plans and optional parking) is between $14,559 and $19,609 for the most common suite and residential double rooms Rents for some orders, particularly the types of single occupancy rooms are higher and have an impact on annual costs. Cable and Internet connections, as well as all services, are included in all buildings (new-b.:1). How much does life cost you in usC apartments? Here are the estimated annual accommodation costs for students: personal and contact data Here you provide us with the information we need to determine which accommodation is right for you, such as your class level, marital status and all the specific needs that we need to take into account in your task. (Please sign up for Disability Services if you need special accommodation.) Profile Questions In this section, you answer questions about your personal preferences so you can participate in the cohabitation process. Autumn 2020 The case and the instruction update. Read more If you are a new or foreign student, please choose the program you are interested in on the App`s Special Interest page. Also (and this is important), be sure to list the building for the commune you have chosen as your first accommodation preference. Some municipalities are requesting a supplementary application; Make sure you finish the same thing when applying. In many of our buildings, there are accommodations for students with disabilities that meet different levels of access. USC Housing works closely with Housing Disability Services and Programs (DSP) to place students with special needs. Students must register with DSP and complete a housing application for a particular housing consideration. Space is limited and students should apply at an early stage.

For more information, see the Disability Services section in the Application – Attribution menu. If you want special accommodation because you identify as transgender or are in the process of gender change, please contact the director of the LGBT Resource Centre in Visit also Trans@USC Returning residents can apply for accommodation for the coming year as part of our USC Housing Renewal Process (UHR).