For example, if the employee is working on a large unit and the number of employees who may be absent per day would not allow all employees to use their full vacation banks, that figure would not be appropriate. The AAU`s national collective agreement provides that employers publish the vacation planner each year until January 1. The agreement stipulates that the employer indicates the approval or rejection of leave applications filed before March 15 and publishes the resulting leave plan by April 30 of each year. Section 17.03 of the collective agreement stipulates that workers must file 75 per cent of their leave rights for one year in the vacation plan until 15 March. The employer is required to inform the reasonable number of employees for each unit, program or website that can benefit from simultaneous leave. Other ETP calculations: RDT.pdf Declaration of Age: Statement of Age.pdf Leave Policy: Leave.pdf Funding of Member Commitment: Local196.PromoRequestforOfficeReps.pdf Local Appointment Forms 196 Executive/Committee Member: Local 19 6 Form of Candidate Voting Delegate to the Provincial General Assembly: General Assembly of Appointments Provincial Delegate DSM: Appointment of a DSM delegate to the provincial assembly: Nomination form for the collective registration agreement Provincial_AHS_UNA_CA_2017-2020 It is important to remember, that this is a directive and that staff verify, whether this figure is really appropriate. Edmonton Civic Employees Charitable Assistance Fund (ECECAF) Brochure: ECECAF-2017 New Members Introduction to ADF: UNA intro.pdf Creating a UNAnet Account: UNAnet: UNAnet.pdf Roles and Responsibilities Documents: Bureau rep: Local 196 Office Rep RS (September 2019) OH-S Committee: Local 196 OH-S Committee R-Rs (From c.20 19) PRC COMITÉ: Local 196 PRC Committee R-Rs (Dec, 2019) Education Committee: Local 196 Education Committee R-Rs (Sept.201) 9) Communication Committee: Local 196 Communication Committee R-Rs (jan.2020) Advocacy and Engagement Committee: Local 196 Advocacy and Engagement Committee R-Rs May,2020.