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An old lift does not necessarily need replacing in its entirety and, in fact, doing so may be extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming. Instead, you can have the lift equipment modernised;
obsolete components are replaced by their modern equivalent and new features are added. This  results in a ‘New’ safer lift that complies with the latest regulations, offers improved reliability & reduces costs.
 Why have a Modernisation ?

Your equipment is proving to be problematic.
Breakdowns are causing excessive downtime.
Building users are raising complaints.
Replacement parts are becoming obsolete.
The building use has changed & the demands on the lift have                increased.

Benefits of our modernisations and upgrades; 
A modernisation might involve replacing the control system, drive unit or door operator of your lift. This will result in a faster lift with a smoother ride and efficient door operation. Microprocessor control systems benefit from features such as fault logging information and software updates.
Old, unreliable components might cause a lift to break down regularly, resulting in costs from both periods of downtime and repairing the lift. Replacement of these components, along with regular maintenance, will reduce lift downtime, offering improved reliability and lower running costs.
Health and safety is becoming ever more important. Modern technology allows us to incorporate more sophisticated safety devices, offering benefits to users and service engineers alike.
Whilst a lift modernisation improves the reliability of the lift, the replacement equipment is often “Behind The Scenes”. it is therefore a good time to give the lift car a cosmetic overhaul which gives the impression of a new lift.  Our lift car re furb packages consist of new flooring, stainless steel skirting and trims, laminated wall panels, stainless steel ceiling with LED spot lights, new full height car operating panel & a safety mirror. we can also provide new landing architraves to give the effect of a complete new lift.
There are many features that can be added to a lift in order to meet the needs of disabled users. Human voice Annunciation tell passengers the direction of travel, the approaching floor level and door operation. Information can also be displayed using LCD or digital indicators both within the lift car and landing floor levels. Other features include large, tactile and/or Braille push buttons and infra-red door detectors.
Replacing old drive systems with modern ones can help reduce power consumption by up to 45%. Led lighting can be integrated to reduce consumption by up to 90%  and designed to switch off when the lift is not in use.
We fully understand that being without a lift service is a major inconvenience. We therefore carry out a full pre site survey and carefully plan each project to ensure that the downtime of the equipment is kept to a minimum. When downtime is a major factor (in nursing homes or hospitals ect), installations continue into overtime. We have completed many modernisations in this way completing them within a 5 day deadline.
We fully understand that major works can be expensive and sometimes unexpected. We therefore offer various payment plans to help spread the cost. For more information speak to a member of our sales team who will be happy to help.

Next Steps….

  • Arrange a Free Survey –  Contact us and speak to a member of our sales team. We can then arrange a free site survey to determine the type of modernisation that we would recommend. 
  • Quotation – We will generate a detailed sales quotation with our proposals and, if you require, we can arrange a site meeting to talk you through our quotation step by step.
  • Sales Order – If you are happy to proceed, we just require the order in writing along with the agreed initial payment. The equipment lead time is generally 8 – 10 weeks although in emergency situations, arrangements can be made to reduce the lead times.
  • Project Plan – During the lead time period a project plan will be produces to outline the schedule of works along with a convenient start date and any special requirements you may have. All Risk Assessments and Method Statements will be produced to ensure Safety remains paramount.
  • Installation –  Once the installation commences, our highly skilled engineers will ensure that the installation takes place with the minimum building disruption and the highest degree of Safety. Our aim is to return the equipment back into service as quickly as possible.
  • Completion – On completion of works we will arrange to handover the equipment and make sure you are fully satisfied with the works carried out and provide all relevant documentation.