Got a quote already and need a comparison?

opera singerNo annoying opera signers or sales gimmicks, just straightforward advice and a great price – that’s all you’ll get from us.
“If you already have a quote and want to know if it is a good deal, we are here to help”.
Just send us a copy of the written quote (upload it on our “contact us” page). We will review the details and provide you with expert advice and a free no obligation quotation. You’ll be amazed how much we can save you compared to original equipment manufacturers and installers.

Interested In A Free Survey & Quotation ?

Free green page cornerIf you would like one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff to visit your premises to conduct a free survey and provide a no obligation quotation then contact us. We will advise you on the best solution for your lift/escalator and importantly, how easy it is to set up a service agreement. We are confident that our prices will offer the best value for money in our operational area. So much so that if you find the equivalent service cheaper (by that we mean the conditions of sale and service are the same) we will try to meet or beat it. All we ask is that you send us a written quotation from the competing service company.

Is your Lift equipment unreliable?

Head in HandsLift equipment – no matter it’s age or condition – can break down at any time. What’s important is how quickly it can be brought back into safe, reliable service. If your existing service provider is struggling to
solve your problems, then challenge us to fix it. We have an in-house technical department, and a senior test level technician with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our innovative approach to troubleshooting has enabled us to successfully bring problematic equipment back into service, while other companies are still scratching their heads. With a 100 per cent success rate to date, why not give us a try? Once we have proved how good we are, we can provide a free no obligation quotation to take over the maintenance services.