Nick de Seneca, S.C., said his dog Lucky had to be euthanized in September. He tried to call Banfield to cancel the welfare plan, but he didn`t make it. He then filled out an online form, but couldn`t submit it because “apparently they didn`t like my answers,” he told ConsumerAffairs. The bill incorrectly contains the cost of the membership plan and the first monthly payment — a mistake Johnson acknowledged. Contact Portal: Although Banfield Pet Insurance is sometimes called Banfield Pet Insurance, Banfield is not pet insurance – it is a wellness membership plan. Despite this confusion, the main question we have is – Is Banfield`s wellness care worth it? His plans do not cover illness or injury, but only preventive care. Katie said she made it clear that she did not want her one-year plan to be extended because she planned to move at the end of the first year. Before you sign a health plan for your pet, read the contract. Look for a “death clause” that would require you to continue paying, even after your pet dies. The answer: How the chords go, the Banfield Optimum Wellness Health Care Agreement is a real dog. It should be noted that it can be difficult to separate assessments from the welfare plan from the evaluations of Banfield Pet Hospital itself. “Banfield markets, promotes and sells plans that are expected to offer deep savings and discounts for preventative animal care services and associated animal care products,” said lead plaintiff Gregory Pero in the complaint, Courthouse News Service reported.

Normally, we advise Nick and others in his situation to immediately send his cancellation and be sure that he has indicated it by a letter or a compliant method in the contract. But Katie, of Lewisville, Texas, says she stumbled upon a catch-22 trying to cancel her plan early. Investopedia evaluates Banfield`s pet welfare plans with 3.4 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, Canine Journal rates Banfield`s plans at 2 stars out of 5 and score 2.3 out of 5. You have to pay for the entire shooting process because they did not comply with our optimum plan. I had my puppy on Saturday and took him to the vet on Thursday. While I was at the vet, they repeatedly insisted on this thing called the wellness plan and told me how much money I would say by getting it as a new dog owner, I signed up for the plan and I thought Petsmart would be a very good place for my dog to go, they have a pet hospital and care and doggy classes. I thought it was a very good place to take it, because it wouldn`t associate it with fear. Last night I found out that my dog had fleas. I`m livid.

I took it for a check-up and you think that`s one of the things they checked out.