The agreement was signed between the Moroccan National Food Safety Office (ONSSA) and the Us Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). In accordance with the signed agreement, ONSSA will oversee compliance with U.S. standards, monitor, inspect and issue licenses and certificates that meet these standards. for the Conrol and Protection of Vegetables: division of Regulatoin and Standardization( Morocco and the United States have reached an agreement that opens the U.S. market in Morocco for the first time. Dekret Nr. 2-10-473 zur Anwendung einiger Bestimmungen des Gesetzes 28-07, IMANOR Standard and the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy will grant the product the right to use the NM label as proof of its quality. All products must also comply with the specifications of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Morocco.The National Food Safety Office (ONSSA) is the ministry of agriculture`s point of investigation into standards: Die Betriebe und Unternehmen der Lebensmittelindustrie von pflanzlichen un d pflanzlichen Erzeugnissen messen vom ONSSA entsprechend den Bestimmungen der folgenden Rechts- und Verwaltungsvorschriften zugelassen und/oder zugelassen sein: IMANOR (Moroccan Institute of Standardization) is Morocco`s national standardization body and is responsible for standardization in Morocco. IMANOR was established in 2010 to replace SNIMA, part of the Ministry of Industry.

Its mission is to come at a time when governments around the world are addressing the coronavirus crisis and looking for new ways to mitigate the effects on the economy. As countries are locked up, digitization of operations becomes more important than ever to move goods forward. Die Einzelheiten der Erteilung, der Aussetzung und des Entzugs der Zulassung und der Gesundheitszulassung werden durch die Verfahrensordnung fer die Erteilung, die Aussetzung und den Entzug von Gesundheitsgenehmigungen und It followed a series of negotiations between the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forestry and its American counterpart in this regard. The new agricultural activity has also attracted significant foreign investment, particularly from Spain. The main national testing organization is the Laboratory for Tests and Public Studies (Public Laboratory of Tests and Studies, LPEE). LPEE currently has laboratories in all major cities of Morocco. Although most of his work is devoted to construction and construction testing, it also focuses on electrical and calibration testing. The following five government commissions are mandated to certify compliance with standards: Jeder Antrag auf Zulassung oder Gesundheitszulassung muss von einem Dossier begleitet sein, das einen administrativen Teil und einen technischen Teil enth-lt The project supports Morocco in its ambitious plan to complete digitize all import and export operations and to achieve “zero paper” by 2021. ONSSA has also recently developed a new online portal that companies can use to apply for plant health certificates, making the process faster and simpler.